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We are an independent publisher and creator of computer games. We offer support as well as financial, quality and project cooperation for developers' teams from all over the world. If you search for a great business partner, have a look at our areas of specializations and contact us.

Mentoring for developers

Mentoring practically means long-term support for developers in the process of their education and career development. However, it is not often used in the technological branch. Here we come with help. If you have a concept of a game and slowly work on it, we can help you improve it and publish it on the biggest world services. We have necessary knowledge and practise which will lead you through the whole process quickly and with no surprises. We offer support on every level of game development.

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Marketing and PR

Creating a relationship between a game creator, a publisher and the public is the key. In today's world it is so hard to be noticed when so many new titles appear daily on Steam and the numbers grow every day. Frozen District makes right conditions for your story in such a way so that your game is noticed by the players. We make sure that your game gets to the right people in the right time and in the right circumstances. We offer ad campaigns, presence at the important events, making relations with media and influencers.

Finance Support

Our main goal is publishing great video games and supporting small and big developers' teams. Funding is not our limit, we also help with publishing and try to establish a partner relationship with creators. You don't have to be afraid of too much interference from us. We are gamers too and we want your game to be noticed by as many players as possible. We offer our knowledge, experience and friendly cooperation environment.

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About us

Frozen District is a game investment and publishing company with The Empyrean studio as our core development team. It is made of experienced specialists who have extensive knowledge about video game industry. We are an independent company based in Cracow, Poland. We create unique and exciting entertainment experiences for PC by developing innovative and high quality games. So far, Frozen District has developed House Flipper Game and are almost ready to publish another title: Warlock 2. Currently, we are working on Garden DLC for House Flipper and many different projects, correlated with gaming consoles.


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