Warlocks 2: God Slayers

Warlocks 2: God Slayers is an action-packed hack ‘n slash experience with wizards and meteor showers. It’s also a sequel to Warlocks vs Shadows – our first big game.

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Familiar System

You will be able to train your own familiar that will keep you company, react to your actions and aid you in battle.


Summon blazing meteors from the sky onto your enemies in the midst of chaotic battlefields!

Choose your playstyle

Pick a fitting character from the diverse cast of warlocks, sorceresses and warriors. Then customize your hero to your liking, choose from a variety of spells and skills, each with a few upgrades.

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Info (Press)

Warlocks 2: God Slayers is a great mix of retro aesthetics and modern gameplay. Challenge the vile gods and dethrone them in this action-packed hack n’ slash experience with wizards and meteor showers.

God Slayers is a brand new story, where our titled Warlocks now need to face the gods themselves, as apparently perishing the shadow monsters have angered them to say the least. The Order of Warlocks has been called to challenge the gods and dethrone them from their obnoxious mighty positions.

Press Kit

Our Team

We’re a small and creative indie studio based in Poznań, Poland.

Dushan Chaciej

Producer and Lead Designer, less often Programmer.

Max Strzelecki

Lead Programmer, Unity Magician, also aids with game design.

Kuba Niewęgłowski

Musician and Sound Effect creator, he implement those too!

Wojciech Wilk

2d Artist of the Warlocks series, Pixel Guru.

Sebastian Dusiel

Year ago a factory worker, now a pixel-art animator.

Krzysztof Jonczyk

Junior Unity Developer, newest addition to the team.

Our Games

Our passion lies in old school RPGs and action-filled arcade games.

Warlocks 2: God Slayers

[Q1 2018] Action-packed hack ‘n slash experience with wizards and meteor showers.

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Warlocks vs Shadows

[2015 Steam / 2017 PS4] Slay monsters. Defeat epic bosses. Collect magical gear. Become a Warlock and save the universe.

Glorious: Companions

[TBA] On-line turn-based RPG where you compete with your friends, trying to conquer the world using your carefully raised army!

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[TBA] In its lust for revenge an Ancient Tree sends its emissary to sure death. How long will you survive on this impossible mission?

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